Have you ever dreamed of moving abroad? We want to show you that you can do it with your family, and have the greatest adventure of your life. 

About Tumble Travels

When we told our friends in Austin, Texas, that we were moving to Barcelona, the response was 50/50.

50% thought we were crazy.

​50% said, "I want to do that! How are you doing that?" 

​We started this family travel blog to share what we're learning living and traveling abroad. It's a mix of tips, tricks, travel, and what we wish someone had told us before we found out the hard way. Whether you're planning a trip, or plotting the big move, we want to be a resource.

This blog takes its philosophy from our popular science podcast for kids, Tumble. We believe that children are our greatest hope for the future. Educating them to be smart, global citizens and stewards of humanity is essential. We do that with respect for how smart and capable they already are. Traveling - even at a young age - can make a huge impression who they become. A trip can be so much more than a vacation. It's a lens to understand the world and your place in it. 

As we travel, we focus on creating opportunities for learning, with the world as a classroom. 

I'm Lindsay Patterson, and I'm a writer, podcast producer, mom and wife. Some of my favorite memories from growing up were family trips. My dad loved hiking, camping, and touring national parks all around the country. My first big international trip was a YMCA youth group trip to Thailand when I was  fourteen. The experience was completely changed my view of the world, and my own home and lifestyle. I was left with a fascination and appreciation for culture and travel. After I studied abroad in Prague, I resolved to return to Europe to live at some point in my life. 

I've worked in public radio for ten years, focusing on science. (That's how I ended up with a science podcast!) I've contributed to places like Studio 360, NPR's The Salt, KUT News in Austin, Marketplace, and Current. I'm also the co-founder of Kids Listen, a non-profit advocacy group for podcasts for kids.

I'm Marshall Escamilla, and I'm a teacher, a writer, a musician, and also a husband and father. I began traveling by myself for the first time when I was 17 and had the opportunity to spend a summer in Valencia, Spain. I learned so much about the world while I was there, and I also gained an abiding love of the Spanish language and culture! I learned that traveling the world is one of the best ways to learn about your own culture and experience, not to mention learn how other people do things.

I taught middle and high school music at an International Baccalaureate School for thirteen years, and hope to continue teaching all over the world in the future, through Tumble - if not actually in a classroom. 

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