Work With Tumble Travel

A trusted team on an adventure abroad combines family travel with education. 

Tumble Travel is a multimedia project from Tumble Media, LLC. Tumble Media is made up of Lindsay Patterson, Marshall Escamilla, and Sara Robberson Lentz. We're best known for Tumble, one of the most popular podcasts for kids. Here's a few of the media organizations that have written about us: 


We've worked with brands including Seedling, Care.Com, RXBar, Blue Apron, Little Bits, Homer, Wonderbly, Audible, KIND Snacks, and more. We've partnered with Gen-Z Media and PRX to produce additional podcasts.

We are interested in partnering with kid-friendly brands and companies who are aligned with our mission of family adventure and education. We are available for:

- Travel and product campaigns with brand, social, and podcast promotion

- Original audio production

- Brand representatives/ ambassadors for companies and products that we're passionate about

We believe our first responsibility is to our audience. We've built a loyal following of over 40,000 unique listeners to our podcast. We're committed to bringing the same level of curiosity, authenticity, and creativity to Tumble Travels.

You can reach us by email or through the contact form below.

Tumble Media LLC